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Future Outlook

  Ta Hwa University of Science and Technology
  Department of Industrial Engineering Management  

Future Outlook

In order to match the demand of strict environment in the field of production, and adapt us to the facts that the productive value in the field of service industry has more than half of the total Gross National Product in Taiwan. The future developing directions and key points are:
  1. Based on the principle of technological and vocational education, emphasize on real case, practical training, and experiment conducting and hands-on training.
  2. Continually strengthen the application of computer and software package in the field of industrial engineering and management to keep up with the demand in the field of industry and business and pay more attention on the computerization in management.
  3. To use the information of network of the domestic small business as the blue prints and develop a management simulation teaching system. It can not only raise the studentsˇ¦ global view and integration capabilities, but also improve their skills in shop floor management, production management, materials management and quality management.
  4. To incorporate the developing trend in the field of service industry and governmental policies in elevating the level in the field of production and carrying on the automation. We cooperate in other related academic departments in order to set up and strengthen the teaching achievement in business automation. In addition, research projects are encouraged to promote the techniques of industrial engineering and management to be applied in service industry and logistics problems.