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  Ta Hwa University of Science and Technology
  Department of Industrial Engineering Management  

Goals and Objectives

According to the requirement of Item 158 in our Constitution, our Department will provide the students with more scientific and practical based knowledge, and to cultivate the students in the technology and management. The establishment of Industrial Engineering and Management Department is to reinforce education and training in industrial and commercial automation with the aid of Computerized Information Management Systems. The goal is to enable students to plan, analyze, design, and manage production and business systems. This includes:
  1. Manufacturing resource: engineering design, manufacturing process improvement, and computer-integrated manufacturing, etc.
  2. Production management: facility planning, standard operation procedure implementation, routing and scheduling planning, etc.
  3. Materials management: inventory control, scrap control, and materials handling management, etc.
  4. Quality management: design of quality management system, setting up the quality standard for inspection and sampling, and the system of quality assurance.
  5. Information management: analysis, design, operation, and maintenance of management information systems.
In addition, in order for matching the demand from local enterprises, and to assist the government, enterprise owners, and research institutions to deal with various industrial engineering and management operation, our future planning will concentrate on the following:
  1. Our education is more concerned with engineering profession with teaching oriented. Improvement will be made on practiced and experiment laboratory curriculum.
  2. We will strengthen the application of computer software package to the field of industrial engineering and management since computer technique plays a key role in engineering know-how.
  3. Because industrial engineering and management serves a wide cross-section of industry, business, and institutions, we will develop our in-house management simulation teaching systems in order to cultivate our students to possess the ability of planning, analysis, and integration. Eventually, to have the student become an expert in field management, production management, materials management, quality control, and business management.
  4. In keeping with the governmental policies of industrial upgrading and commercial automation, the department will concentrate on the fields of commercial automation with more department collaboration in order to apply our management technique in service area as well as in materials flow enterprises.